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Great Gatsby themed party

in Party Theme Ideas
22 May 2013  |  2 Comments

With the upcoming remake of the Great Gatsby, now is the perfect time to host a Great Gatsby themed party. Set in the roaring 1920s following the First World War, the novel is set on New York’s Long Island - think garden parties, think flappers.

For the perfect Gatsby inspired garden party, have a look at our 1920s themed items.


Have a look at our garden party themed invitation. 


Our Garden Essentials Pack will help you cater for your guests, and consider decorating with our jazz trio cutout, lanterns and pom poms. Your backyard will look fabulous with the addition of some lanterns, fairy lights or candles.

Have a look here for our full range of 1920s themed decorations.

What to wear:

Ladies, for evening parties, add a long string of pearls to a simple dress, and add a hat or headband with feathers in it, or even a feather boa. Men can wear a suit with a fedora hat or driving cap, with a handkerchief or rose in the lapel. Also check out some of the images of the costumes in the upcoming movie.

For a casual daytime party, think tennis whites for the women, and casual pants and fedoras for the men.

Draw inspiration from the film:

What music to play:

Play 1920s music. It was the jazz era so look for artists such as Gershwin, Al Jolson, Irving Berlin, Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong. 

What to serve:

Serve your guests martinis and champagne, or non-alcoholic punch. Or how about a mint julep. Whilst it was prohibition, home brewing was popular. On the food front, consider finger sandwiches.

What games to play:

If you want to play games, how about croquet or charades?

What party favours to give:

If you want to leave your guests with something to remember the night by, how about a garden party themed cupcake.

Or if you want a different take on a 1920s theme, check out our casino night range. The 1920s was the era of the speakeasy!

More inspiration

For even more inspiration, check out our 1920s pinterest board and the clip below.



Have you hosted a Great Gatsby party? How did it go? Any tips? Please upload a photo if you have one, we’d love to see it!

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